• the investment process

    On the road to financial wellbeing, support is vital, every step of the way. Wealth management is at the core of the business activities of FIRSTGLOBAL.


“Running is a great metaphor for life. Small, seemingly inconsequential steps eventually lead to big achievements.”

Jan Labuschagne
Jan LabuschagneDirector: FIRSTGLOBAL Capital, Marathoner


The FIRSTGLOBAL wealth management process encompasses:

  • A strategy, designed for each client according to his or her unique situation and objectives;
  • Application of the strategy with a view to creating optimal balance between asset classes;
  • Formation (or adjustment) of structures required to optimise returns and minimise risks;
  • Building in the flexibility to make adjustments through simple and cost efficient processes.

FIRSTGLOBAL’s international networking with private banks, Trust companies and fund managers provides clients with the full spectrum of global investments as well as investment vehicles.

Every precaution is taken to ensure that funds are only allocated to institutions of high reputation, transparent operation and impeccable track record with proper systems and efficient reporting mechanisms.

Amongst other things, attention is paid to the following:

  • Tax status of product and country of custodian;
  • Security of funds;
  • Confidentiality agreements;
  • Reporting procedures;
  • Accessibility to funds / flexibility of product;
  • Service levels; and
  • Costs.