• results follow perseverance

    Getting to the finish line has everything to do with
    training, determination and motivation.


“What you put in directly influences what you get out. Not only in training, but also when it comes to wealth management.”

Sarah Drake
Sarah DrakeDirector: FIRSTGLOBAL GROUP, Comrades athlete


Investment portfolio performance is determined by a host of factors. At FIRSTGLOBAL, we are continuously analysing these factors and assessing to what extent each play a role, in building portfolios for our clients to optimise growth and meet long-term objectives.

These factors include:


  • Asset allocation

    The exposure lent to different asset classes (Cash, Bonds, Equities, Property or Derivatives). As these asset classes move in different cycles, skillful allocation and management are of paramount importance to achieve better performance.

  • Quality management

    Proper processes, experience, knowledge and information are key ingredients for adopting a sound strategy and managing funds accordingly.

  • Risk management

    Any successful investment strategy must have proper risk management procedures in place to protect the downside of investment performance. Higher performance is usually associated with higher risk.

  • Taxation

    Taxable investors must seek, where applicable, to optimise after-tax returns. This requires the skillful use of tax friendly instruments and structures.

  • Currency exposure

    Rand hedging is essential to protect an investment against the volatility and potential future weakness of the South African currency.

  • Costs

    The level of costs has a direct impact on investment growth. Returns must therefore be assessed on a “net of fees” basis. Value must be added in relation to fees charged.

  • Global economy

    The economies in which we invest underpin all of the above strategies. In order to identify opportunities and to avoid unnecessary risks, thorough research, insight and vision are required to determine the best allocations between geographical regions, asset classes and sectors.